Thanksgiving is over and done! Now Mr. Punxxi is obsessed with getting the place decorated for Christmas,as it is his very favorite time of the year.The outside is done, next he will start on the inside, but maybe I can hold him off a couple of weeks(I won't hold my breath on that one tho)It wouldn't be so bad if he would do it in moderation. He should have been born in Victorian times because he, like they, think that every square inch has to be covered in some glitzy crap. Me, I am more of a minimalist type, and have claustrophobia.. it starts getting to me after awhile. I am the one who starts undecorating as soon as I can, although I usually let it stay up until the 1st...I think he'd let it stay up til April if he could get away with it. He has all these Dept 56 things he sets out, last year the cats killed London Bridge( aw gee whiz, me crusty lil heart is broke). We use to live in a 3 story house, which meant we had a tree on every floor. We only have one story in this house,but I am planning on a 2 story for the next one, but it won't be an open floor plan, like the 3 story was. Damn, I sound really whiney, but I really am not, there are just a couple of things that drive me nuts, one of which is overdoing the Christmas decorating. I have been trying to convince him for years that less is more because then you will notice the cool little things that are sitting around, but that he so overdoes it that most of it is lost in the glitzy stuff. Oh well, it's just once a year. Besides I know if I lived where kids actually came around at Halloween, I would decorate the house to death(ha).


a day at the beach

There was no spring or summer this year, and now fall is like winter already!I talked to my oldest son yesterday and he said it was in the high 90's,(32.2c) and smokey because of all the fires burning down in southern california. i told him that it has been in the 50's (10c)in the daytime and in the low 40's (4c)at night. we had a solid week of rain and more is expected. I can't wait til we sell this house and relocate! this is my youngest son and i at the beach....brrrr foggy and cold ( and great fun,too)


Happy Halloween!

the 1st picture are some friends, Bill and Susie...he is actually wearing some of my old work clothes that I "modified" for him
I don't even drink and I'm under the table! mr.punxxi is the non celt in a kilt, marne is the roller girl in blue dannett is pretty in pink, then there is my ancient crone self in ripped tights =:o before i decided to wear the pink and black hair, I put my own hair in a mohawk, but it has been so long that I screwed it up, so I washed it 3 times to get the glue out and flopped on the wig instead.

Halloween is my very favorite holiday!