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I have been meeting some new and interesting bloggers lately...the best way to do it is to read one and then when you are making a comment, see who is interesting,go to their blog and read it, also; so far this has worked out well.Maybe it's because for the first time in a very long time I am not depressed to the point of physical pain, or maybe it's just because my very fav holiday is comming up, halloween (yay)I bought some new eyelashes to wear, they have pink feathers on them..tres chic, no?They should look devine with my logger boots, don't ya think? They will match my pink and black hair perfectly.There may be incriminating pictures later!


Doggin' it

I guess I have a weird sense of humor...

Totally unrelated to the above picture, I feel really good this week.There was actually a whole week of sunshine, but of course we are back to crap weather, drizzles and fog.