Summer, finally

It has not rained for at least 2 weeks! I am stunned by this, last year it rained most of the summer and all my plants died, because it got too cold at night.
I just heard the most awful  noise outside the window, I thought that one of the cats had caught a bluejay, but when I turned around and looked out, I saw that it was a baby raccoon doing it's (very loud) distress call for it's mama. Mama was there in a couple of seconds. They are just starting to bring the babies out, they are so cute, and little enough that if they bite you they don't hurt because their mouths are too small. The last few years I have had babies eating out of my hand, a couple used to run up my arm, these are now the parents but are still wild animals so I am very careful with them..when they bite it hurts and breaks the skin . Since they are rabies carriers I try to be careful...so far I'm not rabid  :o)