Holding our collective breaths

Finally, our youngest son has been accepted into a program that will help him live a more independant life.He is now on a waiting list for his own little studio apartment. It is in a converted hotel and is a secure building. It is about 2 miles from where we live, and 1/2 mile to the mall, and grocery store.He will get bus passes and taxi vouchers, so he will have transportation, and since I don't work I am also available to take him places. He will also have a P.A., sort of an aid to help him do things, shop, cook, whatever he needs.This will be very interesting, D will be 40 on his birthday and has never been  able to live on his own before, not so sure that he will be abe to handle it, but he certainly deserves the chance to see if he is capible of it.. He has many meetings schedualed so that his case worker can get to know him well, and what level of help he will need, they will also help get him a job, so even if he doesn't move out right away he can at least get out of the house for part of the day. That is the ony problem with living in the boonies, nothing to do,nowhere to go, and no way to get there except for us. It is not an area condusive to him riding his bike, the roads are narrow and there are no bike paths it is also very hilly.
Anyway, we are all waiting with our fingers crossed, but with the budget problems in this country right now, we expect to have a  several month wait before he can move. At least we are in the system now!