i love this guy!



Sometimes my youngest kid just cracks me up, and sometimes the place we are at just lends itself to the humor. Now, i have to preface this by telling you that my youngest son is 37 years old, but was born with brain damage and also has schizophrenia. Because of the brain damage he is about 8 years old mentally as far as his reasoning goes. Today we were out running around and stopped into one of our favorite chain stores. As we were walking down one aisle, he whispers to me, "mom, there's a man in a dress over there!!!" He was right, there was a person that was probably in the process of sexual reasignment surgery. So I explained all about that. Not so funny you say? It was only because the name of the store we were in is Bi-Mart.Hey ya gotta laugh whenever you can :D


Google meme

age next birthday:

too obscure???
I want to go here:
north to Alaskaaaaaaa
my favorite place, yes, really!:
yes, i have a life, it's just that it's online
my favorite food
all Italian, all the time( well maybe not ALL the time)
my favorite pet:
I love Bengal kitties!
my favorite color combination:
black, purple and pink, in that order
my favorite piece of clothing:
yes, i wear them 99.8% of the time
my favorite t.v. show:
this is the BEST show!!!
my s.o.'s first name is:
well, no it's not morrison
i live here:
just down the hill from us
yes i really did this, kill me now!!!:
no wonder i hate them now!
i coulda done this, i can't play bass, either:
look ma, i'm flyin'
this is my worst habit(maybe)
chocolate is really good for you, yanno?
this is my worst fear:
I'd like to do this before i die, maybe it will occur at the same time??:
i'll take a change of undies with me..


At a loss for words

I don't know why I am having such a hard time posting blogs lately, I used to be able to go on and on. Maybe there is just nothing to say or maybe I am depressed and don't know it...I really felt I was pretty much over that last month. Anyway it is killing me not being able to write, I surf blogdom everyday and see that others have this problem intermittenly so I should not worry about it. There is nothing to write about in my life, it's pretty dull. That's my own fault I suppose, because I don't make an effort to go out socializing too much. 18 days til Halloween; I know that I will have a lot of fun then...we were going to book rooms at the hotel where the party is but we only live about 3-4 miles from it so I will be the designated driver, as usual. It's a good thing I don't care if I drink or not, but last year I did because we booked a room at a place about 20 miles from here. People were stunned when I downed 4 Long Island Ice Teas and was not only upright, I was still sober. That is one reason I don't drink....I could go broke trying to get drunk!I did buy a bottle of absinthe a couple of weeks ago...haven't tried it yet, not sure how to use the little strainer looking doodad that came with it. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.


getting ready for fancy dress

how could you not love this??????