feel pretty good, despite having  broken my left baby toe and having a nasty viral infection....I wonder if it's whooping cough, I just came back from California and they are having an epidemic  there. Of course being of the medical persuasion, I am , like many others of the same ilk, very non-compliant. I haven't even checked my blood sugar in a couple of months, didn't even take  my glucose meter to Cali with me.


why I miss California

Where else would you see a dog in pink goggles riding in a convertible Lexus?


I'm so ready...

...to go to Southern California, where there will be warm air...it won't be all that sunny because June is the month of gloom in SoCal. It has to do with temperatures in the desert and by the coast. I don't care tho, it is not wet or cold!  It is raining again today...I don't think it will ever stop, we have not had a real spring again this year, we are going from winter to winter it looks like. I will be glad to go down to see the oldest kid and a couple of grandkids, the youngest is graduating from high school, but she has already given out all her tickets so we won't be attending that, but we will take her out on the weekend for fun shopping...that is a tradition :o)
Now, I am trying to get some color on me so I don't look like a ghost, I have a few more days to work on it and then work on it down there. I have never been this white in my entire life. I have always been a beach baby and a fool for the sun. We are going to look at a few properties  while we are down there, just for future reference. Can't move if we can't sell this house, and it's been on the market for over 2 years. We don't have to move so we don't do dramatic price drops like some people have had to do. We did drop down 25k after a year and a half, but that is as far as we are going, anyone can make any offer that they want, because we do have a bottom line that is considerably lower.
If nothing else, it makes me keep the house neater than I would otherwise. If I think I have to stay here a few more years, I am gonna demand either new carpeting or  new laminate floors ( that is my choice...the carpet needed to be replaced when we moved in)
I went up to Seattle, Washington a couple of weeks ago, to hook up with  a couple of girls I used to work with. One of them was up there taking classes for her job as a nurse, she specializes in ortho. The other was a lady I worked with in Respiratory Care, but who has retired and just went along to see Seattle. That was the first time that I have gone somewhere by myself in about 20 years....it was fun and a much needed break from my son who is mentally disabled and sometimes a real pain in the arse. The older he gets, the harder it is to deal with him. He will be 39 next month but is mentally about 8 and has Schizophrenia on top of that. We are now looking into getting him back into group or semi independant living and getting him back to working. He has been on vacation for the past 5 1/2 years because they don't have the resources here that they do in a large city. It will take at least 90 days before we find out if he will be accepted into the program,  because they have to get information from every agency that he dealt with in Cali. Anyway I think he needs to be on at least one more medication, he is so angry and bitter all the time. That is because he is smart enough to know he isn't just like everyone else and he hates it. We are thinking we all need a break from each other, maybe that will help...I know it will help us. Between Mr. Punxxi's mom and punxxikid we are surrounded by   demands and anger and nasty words , we need a break! That is why Cali is looking so good, they will both still be here, she lives in a retirement home and he will be staying with a couple of different friends since he decided that he didn't want to go with us. We were going to make him because we know that he would have a good time once he was there, but he was being so nasty that we made arrangements  and then told him that he wasn't going.  I know it sounds mean, but Mr. Punxxi and I are thrilled to have no tension for a couple of weeks!