Back home

Well, Dave gave it a good shot, but he just wasn't able to function on his own. He needed move suppervision and I think he got lonely, so he asked to come back home. He got 3 months to test it out and did okay/not okay. He is gullible, he picks bad peope for friends, His credit card ( which he took without permission) was run up to almost 1200.00, his cable bill was 130.00 due to a guy buying porn, which he has no idea how to do, same as people going to the library and buying things he has no use for and didn't even know what it was used for ( a capo). A lot of the charges were his but not all, cab rides ( he has 150.00 a month free cab rides) He decided trhat he didn't like working late at night after some guys called him a "retard". So now he is back into the system, trying to go to work for a different place doing yardwork. They also have group homes, which he will hopefully get into, as he has lived in that situation before and done well...not so much mom and dad and enough supervision to stay out of trouble. It was a very nice break for us even though he spent most of his week here "visiting us".