Monday escrow closes and we will be offical slumlords! Yay!!!!!( no it really isn't a slum and we will be doing a lot of fixing up as our eventual goal is resale)



As usual, we have gone on an overnight excursion and my wonderful camera is sitting home on my dresser. Now that it has decided to be sunny for more than 1 day in a row, we can get in some hiking and I will take my camera then ( i hope)
Now I have to go check out and program the gps so I can find Mr. P at the golf resort all the guys went to earlier, but more importantly, I have to shop for quinoa, it's hard to come by at a decent price at home......oh yeah, I won a hundred dollars on a slot machine and it was with the casinos money because you get 5 bucks free play when you get a card...so i gave em back 40 and kept the rest for today...shopping, not gambling.I used to love to gamble, but now i am old and cheap hehehehehe
exes and oooohs to you all.


post easter sugar overload...

...that has to be the reason i feel like crap today, isn't it? i rarely eat sugar or very little if i do, but i can feel the results of lots of it yesterday....yuck it's worse than a hangover! things are moving along with the rental house, they want to close escrow by the end of the month, then we can get in there and make it habitable, install a stove and refrigerator, new carpeting and paint..the first and most important thing is changing out the electric box, the one in there is bad, they have been known to cause fires and also the house isn't even grounded!i suspect that we should have that taken care of also as the actual goal in buying this rental is to resell when the market comes back, we should be able to double our money.that is mr p's law, if democrats are in, you buy property, if republicans are in you buy stocks.i'll go along with that, he does have a degree in economics, after all, and it has worked so far.since we are both retired we need to protect our money as well as we can, either that or i'm going to go get a job at the evil empire for the rest of the year, by the end of that i will be getting my money back from the government!
So how was everyone else's easter?