Why does This Always Happen?

You know how you see something and think, "this is a good idea, I want to try it out?" But you very foolishly don't purchase said good item right then and there because you're either broke at the moment or want to check it out further. It is apparently a law of nature that said good thing will no longer be available and you have to figure out something else to take it's place. I hate that. For some unknown reason, also known as yet again I have lost my mind, I decided that I want to plant watermelons( already did, actually)Since I have no actual place to plant them I want to make a raised bed and plant them where we took out a couple of large plants . They will be hidden from the street, but I will be able to see them right outside the deck fence. Now all I need is to buy some wood, and the said good idea that is now impossible to find outside of catalog ordering. Freakin' little goodies that you slide the boards into to make corners and connect all the wood to make a box. I know I could nail boards together, but I am an Aries, we never do things in a very practical manner...also known as we are great starters, but lousy finishers. So having things you can just slide boards into will work very well because it will take me 2 minutes to build my bed, another 5 to mix the feed, potting soil, and other sutff in the dirt and transplant my little watermelons before they decide to grow and then roll down the hill. I have 2 reasons for this, deer and raccoons. Those guys will eat anything you don't cage up. I also want to plant a couple of pumpkins for the fall. You have no idea how funny this is unless you know that I have the touch of death to plants. The only thing i have ever grown successfully are tomatoes, cucumbers and catnip. Well, there were some years that I grew some really healthy pot plants, but that is a whole 'nother story.


So this is summer????

Yanno, I wish I had studied computer stuff, I guess I still can, just have to figure out where to start, it would only be for me, I will teach me photoshop and a couple of other things..i can make a myspace page but i can't make my own blogger page...yet. but i am determined to do it. it is a lot of trial and error if you aren't computer savvy,but eventually one of two things happens, 1. you start to get it 2. you lose interest( that is more my style).
It is still raining here! the weather is crap and has been since last year, where is all the global warming ? hah! maybe if they called it global wetting i would agree with them. of course when things are based on faulty data, you get false results. Somebody tell algore that, wouldja?
happy fathers day to all you fathers out there. at least so far it isn't supposed to rain tomorrow, so we can barbeque ...well, actually we will do it if it rains or not.



this is just temporary until i get what i want!



...was a great day,we rented out the rental house, the first people flaked out on us so it was good to get it rented so fast. Then, we have really been missing my 4x4 truck since i traded it for my little fun, but useless sports car. We had been looking for a truck to cart stuff around for the rental and all but never quite found one that we actually wanted to buy. Mr Punxxi had gone up to a local dealer and was trying to make a trade for my car but he got nowhere...he used to negotiate for a living, so we were bummed out. I told him I am going to go back by the Jeep dealer and trade them for the Commander up there, he said, okay and you can add 1500.00 to the car to make the trade. So off I went the next day while he was out playing golf, I know he never thought that I would actually do it. So, I drove in, parked next to what I wanted to buy and told the salesman,"I'll trade you this for that". He said well maybe they will do that. Of course I expected them to come and try to sell me a bunch of other stuff too, but they didn't. It still has a year left on the warrenty so that was good,usually they try to sell you an extended warrenty but they didn't. So anyway Mr. Salesman goes off upstairs to talk to the owner and came back in a few minutes and says congrats you just made a trade. I am happy, they are happy.. my car only had 1810 miles on it after a year of owning it, the Jeep has less than 20k on it and is a year older...but it is 4x4 which you need here, has 3 rows of seats, 2 of which you can put down flat so you can haul stuff around...the sportscar did not have a trunk that you could even fit a bag of groceries in, so it was win win as far as i am concerned and they are picking up all the registration fees etc.Since I drive so little every year I don't really care what the price of fuel is....but Jeep also runs on ethenol if i want to use that, WHICH I WON'T SINCE YOU GET CRAP MILAGE WITH IT!One other cool thing about it is that the person driving it the past 2 years is a state senator, who along with her husband, owns the dealership.