Spring Cleaning

Today we are cleaning out the guest room, getting it ready for our son, Dapunx, to switch bedrooms because that room has a closet twice the size of his present room. We installed blackout curtins, moved all the furniture out and shampooed the carpet. That is because of one of the problems with feral cats is that they will always mark their territory. I try very hard to keep things as clean as possible, but they are kinda sneaky about it at times. So, first I vacuumed the $#!& out of the carpet, then got on my hands and knees and scrubbed down all the baseboards with vinegar and water to make sure there is no kitty odor in the room, spot treated all the spots on the carpet and then MrPunxxi shampooed it. In the interim, we indulged me in my favorite sport...throwing stuff out and rearranging the left over stuff. I have in the past 2 weeks donated 3 extra large (50 gallon) trash bags of stuff out of my closet...not all clothing mind you, but I had a lot of stuff in my closet because I took the clothes hanging bar out of it last year and put in 5 rows of shelves. But I decided it looked messy all the time and since we will never take out house off the market, you just never know when someone might pop in to preview the house. A strange thing is that most people would like to hang their clothes in the bedroom closet, but I turned another bedroom into a closet/workout room, it  even has a t.v. by the treadmill(aka clothes hanger). Anyway the satillite dish guy will be out to install the cable in the back bedroom so that  DaPunx can watch t.v. in there. So out went all but 2 of the shelves we installed, I moved the top  one up as far as I could and put the bar adaptors on and hung a new bar in there so it looks like a real closet, again.
MrPunxxi is sort of a pack rat type, so I have been making him watch the programs about hoarders . He is not that bad, because that is an actual mental illness, but I think my kids might be, but DaPunx can't do it since he lives here with us . I would like him to go back to a group home situation, but we haven't really checked into it up here. He awlays says he wants to save up his money and move to an apartment by himself, but having the mentality of an 8 year old makes it impossible.
Well that's all I'm doing for today because it's my birthday and I try to sluff off as much as possible on it!  Besides, tomorrow I have to start all over on the room he is moving out of, the new guest room.


it's ba-aa-a-aakkkk

Well, the Verizon guy came and went and confirmed what I already knew, that my dsl modem was dead. I told mr.punxxi that was the reason we couldn't get online, but as usual he decided that I am only a blonde chick, and therefore could not be right( naw, he just wanted them to check it out 1st) So I called mr punxxi up and told him and that I was going to get a new one. Since he was nearby, he asked were I was going, so I told him Staples, he says,"I'll meet you there". As soon as I walk into the store he is standing there holding just the one I wanted, and for a very good price,too. He tells me that the store guy says this is what you want. I told him that as long as it was compatible with Verizon, it would be fine. I had just looked up this particular combo modem/wifi, it was
$155.00 @ the Netgear online store but 99.00 @ Staples  . This was the first time that he has ever taken the initiative to try to buy something "tech" and at least he paid for it which is a 1st too! But no, he didn't try to install it, but that was easy. Now my next project is to switch the printer over to wifi!


Whine whine whine...

... yep, I'm all about the whines today, I will be offline for all practical purposes until Verizon decides to come and fix my DSL line. I haven't been on dial-up since 1996, it is intolerable!!!!!
see ya all later


Happy Paddy's Day, saint or not

Well, last week we went to look at a new house, and even tho it had been listed at a million and a half when it originally went on the market, the bank is now selling it for a mere $543,000.00, It sits on top of a hill and has an ocean view, it is about 4500 sq. ft. but you  know what?  I could have drawn a better layout with my eyes shut!  Oh, it had a couple of nice features, and the possibility of a large profit down the road, but it just wasn't worth it to us. We are seriously going to try to sell the present rental we own, and look for another, to rehab and flip. We still have our house on the market, for the 2nd year, but since we don't have to sell it, it doesn't matter . Next month we will start doing serious open house days, and if we sell it we will have to find somewhere to move(yay), but we will still have to stay here in the bay area, until his mother joins his dad. Because of the economy, we aren't sure if we really want to move back to California or not,they have raised the sales tax down there to almost 10%, which is ridiculous. Anyway, so far the plan is to move to town to a house that needs little maintainance on the outside.
Mr. Punxxi is so very tired of rain, but who wouldn't be when you have 30 to 40 days in a row? Rain doesn't bother me much because I rarely go outside , but he being a maniac golfer, wants to golf in the sunshine for some reason...dunno why, he isn't gonna rust or anything :o)



We are evicting our tenants, well actually we only want one of them to leave. The other says he wants to rent the house himself, and can afford the rent. The female that was there with the other two original tenants is a flake and has borrowed a lot of money from "new guy". According to him, she has had lots of family there ,loud parties, there are holes in the walls and she is a slob.  This is pretty much what I expect out of renters, but as long as the house is paying for itself, I don't care too much. It ultimately will be sold. Tomorrow we are going to look at a fantasy house up the hill from here. Fantasy because I know we will never buy it, unless I have won the lottery today ( I haven't looked yet). It looked pretty good looking in the windows, but tomorrow a realtor is going to let us in to look at it. It has views of the bay and the ocean it is on 3.19 acres and is a bit larger than this house. Since I have nothing to do anyway, I would have time to clean it. It is about 4600 sq ft, 4 car garage, nice deck, a kitchen to die for.I will take pictures of it tomorrow . It's fun to look even if it isn't feasible to even think we can swing a deal for it, but in this economy, who knows?