Feburary, where'd ya go???

Wow! This month is almost over , which is good because now we are past the anniversary and  St. Valentines day, the 11th and 14th respectively. We went up to Portland for a couple of days, had the car parked and never took it out again until we left.That is something we like, being able to walk all over the place and stop when and where we want, look at whatever strikes our fancy.  I don't usually drink at all because I am not overly fond of the taste of most alcohol, and having alcoholics on both sides of my family makes me somewhat careful with it.  But since it was anniversary night we had a bottle (2) of champagne. We were going to go out to a fancy steak house for dinner, but we did something so much more fun... we got sandwhiches and chips(crisps) from an Italian deli and had a picnic in our room, along with the champagne. Now that may seem weird to most people, but the fact is there are no Italian deli's in this part of the state, not even any within a 2-3 hour radius... you have no idea how much that sucks!!!! Just to order coldcuts, like coppacolio, would cost about 75-100 dollars, it's expensive stuff, but the shipping cost is the killer. We stock up when we go back to California, but it only lasts for so long. Did I mention that where we live, out here in the sticks, the biggest store we have is a Walmart Super center?  I don't care if nobody else likes to shop there, I love it! When you can save a couple of bucks per item, it is worth shopping there. It is also the largest employer in the area, since all those happy assed green people have killed off the logging and fishing industries. This place is where all the people that ran away to Canada in order to avoid the Viet Nam war came when Carter gave them all amnesty.. I will have to start taking pictures of all the ancient hippies up here. It is unfortunate that the whole town is pretty much dying, all the kids that go away for college, are not coming back here, there is nothing for them to do. They either leave the state, or move  up to Portland, as half the states population lives there. We have about 9000 people here, but I am interested to see what it is after they do the census. actually there are 200 people where I live, but we are pretty spread out.
I think we will be a little busier this year, we went to Portland, in May we are meeting a couple of my friends up in Seattle as they have to go to a nursing convention and then are spending a few days to look around after that. In June my youngest grandkid will be graduating from high school, so we will go down to California for that...and then the best part, in August we will go to Ann Arbor to visit the cool people( unless I can talk them into coming here) Oh yeah, next month is my birthday AND in May I will get my first social security check ..wheeeeeeeeeeeeee play money!!