ponder ponder ponder

I can't belive that summer is over...maybe not where you are, but it's (gasp!) raining and cold . This certainly doesn't seem like a warming trend to me...maybe AlGorefkingliar can explain why it is colder now than it was in the middle ages, and did you know that the temperature has to be higher than normal for 600 years before the amount of carbon dioxide is going to make any difference???? ? Also, since big Al almost failed science, I find it really hard to take his word on it. All the so called experts that get press and natter on and on about global warming are not climatologists, the majority of whom disagree with him.But they never get any press do they? That is the ponderable thing


we have babies !!!...

... and they are so darn cute, and brave, they come right up to my hand and smell it, so far none of them have tasted me.



I love my kitties, but this is bucky( not too original, I know)he is pretty awesome, he is 3 and has been here every year. I know it is him as he has a deformed ankle, today he jumped the fence and came and looked in the patio door, because he wants his apples.He went back over to the other side of the rail where he feels safer


"borrowed" from Mr. Further On

stolen from Futher On Up The Road

Did you have any unread text messages when you woke up?
I had 153 emails on my phone, does that count?.. it was all in text yanno

How many times a week do you shower?every day
Are you fluent in a language other than your native? no, but i can swear in several
Would you rather listen to black metal or country? no, alternative
What color are your underwear? which pair?

How many uncles do you have? none anymore used to have 1 tho

Do you know how to Salsa dance? I totally hate to dance unless I'm drunk...but I don't drink, so no
Whats your favorite flavor ice-cream? any brown one

What is your biggest worry in life right now? will the summer ever come?

If you could re-live one memory what would it be? the day I told my husband that I wanted a divorce, then we wouldn't have wasted that 20 years apart
Do you give up easily? no, I am a very hard headed old broad
What is your lucky number? 13
What are your parents middle names? Joyce and Agustus Lee ( he had 2 mns)

Which of your cousins is closest to your age?Terry he is 9 months younger

Are you friends with anyone named Nicole?Yes she has a karaoke business in San Diego, Ca.
What is the closest red item to you? the light in my mouse

What kind of computer do you have? 1 dell, 2 toshibas and 1 nameless wonder
How many credit cards do you have? a bunch but i generally don't use them
Do you enjoy doing laundry? Why yes I do, it is my reason for living you know
Do you like a warm or hot shower? hot
What color is the carpet in your house? sorta purple...it was here when we bought and there is no reason to change it if we are moving
What is the weather like right now? it is kinda cold and cloudy, and supposed to rain
What year was your dad born? 1927

What are your car payments? nothing, I just got a new one yesterday but it's paid for( like me, a kept woman)
Do u know anyone that has 4 kids? no I think one couple has 3 but they are the odd ones
If you were president what would be your main goal? ninja death squads
If your best friend ditched you to go to the movies with his/her boy friend/girlfriend would it make you angry?
naw because they would tell me and i wouldnt care at all

Are you happy with your relationship status? which one? husband? kids? friends?, imaginary friends?
If you got (or got someone) pregnant at this age and your partner left you, would you keep the baby?no I'd put it on eBay of course
Who is the last person to talk to you on the phone? the evil m-i-l

Have you ever been to a concert? yes a few
What colors would you like to have at your wedding? black and blue and queasy green... oh we did have those the 1st time around
Are you in shape? round is a shape, yes
Honestly, have you ever had more than one gf/bf at a time? no

What is your favorite magazine? the one that has the bullets in it?

What subject in school are/were you best in? science and class cutting, that was my major

What is your favorite color? black( yeah,I know its not a colour)

What is your advice for Britney Spears? find real friends
What is your favorite movie of all time? rocky horror
Do you smoke?not tobacco
Do you drink? maybe 1 or 2 a year, or not
your plans for today and tomorrow? finish my fab laundry and then hang out and barbeque a dead animal


Today ...

...I traded in my 4X4 crew-cab pickup truck for a car that gets better gas milege,almost double and since my truck was 3 years old and had less that 15,000 miles on it, you know this car will be a bargain....