We will see...

Yesterday, we all started a new diet, it is only for a week so it should be doable, even though i would do it for a month. It is called the Sacred Heart Medical Diet, you can google it. It claims if you don't cheat, you can lose 10-17 pounds a week.This diet was developed for very obese heart patients that need to lose a lot of weight fast, before they can have open heart surgery. My sons doctor gave it to him, He is 6'2" and weighs 266, that is him in the picture in the post below this one. He was pretty thin until he had to start taking anti-psychotic medications for his schizophrenia. This is a side effect of many drugs of this nature, it makes you want to eat, they give it to anoxerics, also. We are all somewhat overweight because we eat like little piggies, and of course i have a sweet tooth that is in overdrive 24/7 =O! Yesterday we could only eat soup and fruit, today it is soup and veggies only....but we actually get to eat a baked potato with butter on it for dinner.Tomorrow we get to eat all the soup, veggies and fruit we want, the next day we have to eat at least 3 bananas and drink skim milk, so I am putting all that in the blender so we can just drink it.So far I have lost 2 pounds since starting yesterday. According to several people that have either been on it or had a parent or other relative on it, they did not gain the weight back as soon as they went back to normal eating.My hope is that we will all be in the mood to eat much less and much healthier, altho we do eat reasonably good food, just waaaaay too much of it...Cheetos and fritos are good food, right? The only drawback for mr. punxxi and thing 2 is that you are not allowed to drink any alcohol on this diet and have to wait 14 hours after you finish before you can resume drinking. I have no problem with that since I drink 1 or 2 drinks a year, but they like to have a couple every afternoon, before dinner. I want to see if they can really last 7 days!
I'll let you all know how this diet works.and if i really stay on it for a month, I really could stand to lose 40 pounds!


I just love summer sooooo much!

Summertime at the beach...can you believe this is the middle of July, already?


Is someone trying to tell me something???

I hate today, but i will be over that very soon. Today I gave my Jeep a nasty bump on the right front fender...it will need to be replaced :o( . Shortly after that mr punxxi called and said to meet him at the mall so i could pick up a chest his mother had put on hold. I get there and just finished calling to tell him i was there, in the store, his eta was about a minute. just then a man walked up to me and asked if i owned a white jeep i said yes and he says "I just backed into it" the left back fender is now totaled out. I am very grateful to him for being honest and comming and finding me in the store, his insurance has already given me a claim number and i can get his part fixed, and i will find out if i m using my insurance to fix my booboo or not.
I am not driving tomorrow!



Today, I decided to buy my husband a new computer for his birthday. He says he doesn't need a new one, but he is very wrong since every single day i hear him in the office rumbling and swearing at it and asking it wtf wrong with you, usually followed by punxxiiiiiii come and fix this. I am as unsavvy as the next little old retired lady so it is quite funny that he, a man who had computers at work for years before i ever had one to play on,can't figure out a single thing. I mean,, he can't clear his cache, run a defrag or anything. Just last week i set him up an itunes account and after i explained it 3 times he finally has that down ( which means he can make his own cd's instead of making me do it on my itunes account. Anyway the one i want to buy him has the cpu built into the monitor, the speakers are built in there, too and a card reader , it is touch screen . this will free up a lot of space, it is a dell so it will be ok...my first 3 pcs were dells and i still have one in the back as a guest computer, that will give me 3 pc's and 2 laptops...i think i have a geekstreak. the best part is that it will be new, nothing d/l on it that is from unknown sources and it should run pretty good for a while...altho he did mention something about golf clubs, but he should know i can't fix those...