Happy Humpday!

Well here we are, back from California and the great WARMTH....I really miss those nice hot days with unlimited sunshine! we got to meet our 22 year old grandson, visit with our 17 year old granddaughter, go to dinner at our favorite Italian resturant( the only one we actually ever go to)Went to a surprise birthday party for an 80 year old lady...she is so fun!That was a short trip, 4 days . The best part was I got to surprise my bestest best friend, Robin. I am so surprised that she never found out we were coming down, the look on her face when we drove up was worth the price of the trip! Of course I came home buggy, as I always seem to do.The sore throat and hacking are gone, but I still get tired kind of easily. I hope everyone is doing the very best they can.


This week...

Is mr. punxxi's real birthday,on Tuesday, meaning that our original anniversary is on Thursday....this is good because we will be in So. California on that day.It won't be raining or cold or foggy which it has been up here. We are also going to meet our grandson for the first time( he's 22 years old), so that should be an interesting trip. It is also going to be a fast trip because we will be coming home on Sunday. The actual reason we are going down is because a good friend of ours invited us to a surprise party for her mom, who will be turning 80 on Saturday.She is a sweet lady and doesn't look or act her age a all, she is so much fun...wish my M-I-L was that cool. It will be good to take a fast trip, we went for 3 weeks last time and were exhausted when we came back, there are so many people to visit . I told mr punxxi after that, that the big mistake is that we never scheduled any "me time", it was crammmed with visiting everyone and no rest at all. I told him in the future that is what we have to do. It's hard because after you have lived and worked some where for your entire adult life you know so many people that you want to catch up with...well he does because he is such a social butterfly,and has friends that he has known since he started primary school, me, i'm more uh,um, antisocial( not really, it's hard to explain without sounding like a total biotch).
tata and have a great weekend!


all done

Okay, the diet is done, I lost 10 pounds, I don't think Mr. Punxxi or Thing 2 lost that much but at least we are started on a healthier lifestyle. All I can say was that was the most boring diet I have ever been on and if I have to eat soup again anytime soon I will scream! Much to my happiness, Mr. Punxxi has agreed to eat vegetarian at least 3 days a week...I will cook on those days.It works out well since those are days that he golfs. He cooks all the regular food, but I have always cooked the "different" stuff, mainly vegetarian and North African, which we all love and has many vegetarian recipes. It is not for ethical reasons that I want to do the vegetarian food, but since we all love veggies it is a good thing to do, is quite healthy and we will save a fortune on meats. I may post some of our meals, but then again, I am a lazy git!