ponder ponder ponder

I can't belive that summer is over...maybe not where you are, but it's (gasp!) raining and cold . This certainly doesn't seem like a warming trend to me...maybe AlGorefkingliar can explain why it is colder now than it was in the middle ages, and did you know that the temperature has to be higher than normal for 600 years before the amount of carbon dioxide is going to make any difference???? ? Also, since big Al almost failed science, I find it really hard to take his word on it. All the so called experts that get press and natter on and on about global warming are not climatologists, the majority of whom disagree with him.But they never get any press do they? That is the ponderable thing


Gardenia said...

Well, we are in the middle of a global hot meltdown down here - and it will go on through the middle of October when it will become heavenly until the next July rolls around. Something is making all those glaciers go down by many feet up there and down yonder.....anyway, its time we start acting responsibly, global warming or no, and not wasting so dang much - we use most of the world's resources here - yeah, its not our responsibility - or is it? I dunno. I just hate to think of hot polar bears - ya know? :)