I have been meeting some new and interesting bloggers lately...the best way to do it is to read one and then when you are making a comment, see who is interesting,go to their blog and read it, also; so far this has worked out well.Maybe it's because for the first time in a very long time I am not depressed to the point of physical pain, or maybe it's just because my very fav holiday is comming up, halloween (yay)I bought some new eyelashes to wear, they have pink feathers on them..tres chic, no?They should look devine with my logger boots, don't ya think? They will match my pink and black hair perfectly.There may be incriminating pictures later!


Martha Elaine Belden said...

hey! thanks for telling me where to get that shirt! i actually also ordered a poster for my dad. he's a vet, and my brother and i decided to get it for his office :)

i'm excited to discover your blog. i'll stop by more often now.

and i'm glad to know you're coming out of your darkness. i've been there so much, myself... and it's such a relief to step into the light.

cappy said...

hmmm...intrigued to see these photos!!
but most of all i want to know about this music thing at the bottom of your page! does it cost owt? can you pick the songs? does it cost owt?


cappy said...

i.ll give it a go then. Don't know if wordpress supports it. But it'll go on my radio show site.

Kim Ayres said...

Happiness is continually banging youre head against a wall - and then stopping.

It's always a good thing when the depression lifts

Gardenia said...

Oh, Punxxi! You are my kind of woman if you have pink in your hair and wear logger boots with pink feathered eyelashes. I have purple, yellow, brunette with lots of white hair - LOL - we need to have a life gets funner parade!!!