what a fun day ,on a Sunday..

i hate, hate, hate computer problems! a few days back mr punxxi says, "yanno, I'd really like to move the cpu up on the desk where the printer is". funny when i was setting it up the last time, i wanted to do that but he said it wouldn't work out...guess he got tired of standing on his head to plug in his lil golf gps dealie and card reader in, not to mention me being down there everytime something had to be checked.let me 'splain it...he doesn't do any of the technical stuff, which is pretty funny since he worked with them for years, but everytime he needs to know something or fix something he calls me. i one time said to him that you worked with a puter for years what did you do at work when you had a problem? "called the tech guy".I never had anything to do with computers at all until i got one for home, so i never worked with one, never was schooled in it or anything,couldn't even type. i had to figure it out by trial and error...i was scared the 1st time i got the old BSOD(blue screen of death) i thought that i had ruined the pc and was scared to tell him because he is the one that bought that one for me.anyway i have learned to do a few things, not many mostly i talk to my friends all over the world, some i even literally talk to via skype, which is great. but i am rambling, as is my wont. i had a major problem with my wifi stuff yesterday and today so i figured since i was going to have to reset it anyway i would move the cpu for him, which i did. and that made my day,most of it, we are just up and running this past hour becauase that stuff can be so uncooperative sometimes. i got the desktop up and running, but couldn't get my lappy online and that is what i use since he decided that my desktop was his ( i even paid for that one...then had it majorly upgraded about 8 months ago)anyway that one was working, but this one wouldn't , so i had to undo it all and restart. that would prolly annoy most people but i kinda love figuring this stuff out, and i did, cos here i am. so that was my fun (no) Sunday.
mr punxxi cracks me up , he is the guy with a couple of degrees, i'm a high school dropout, but he always tells everyone that i am the one that should have gone to college...i did all his homework and term papers for him anyway, but i hated school with such a passion that i only went to the 1st year of high school and skipped at least 1/2 of it. but i can do this computer stuff, i set up the network , i can put together furniture by looking at the directions, i can do all the stuff i need to do, i can build a fence, paint the house inside and out, i used to do minor tuneups and oil changes on my car, i can change a tire, i can put air in them.then he says well, yer just a blonde....hahaha!
pppppffffffftttttttttttt,twat! he really cracks me up, cos i know he is kidding when he says that.


Don said...

I have (not-so-fond) memories of the old BSOD. It's why I started using a Mac instead. It's not perfect, but I spend less time figuring out how it works and more time just plain using it.

So, if I can't figure something out on the work PC, then I can call you for tech support? ;-)

Furtheron said...

Good for you - I work with the things all the time am supposedly a qualified professional but too often I end up totally flumuxed by the whole lot

The Preacherman said...

I blow my pc up on a worryingly regular basis.

It has nothing what so ever to do with porn.

Absolutely not.

Disgraceful behaviour.