random stuff

Here is the
new toy mr. punxxi got for my birthday, my weird cat, who just knows there's turkey in there somewhere, and the rental house we are buying (pending inspection)


Furtheron said...

That's not a TV that's a cinema! Does Mr P have an eyesight issue? :-)

Cheesy said...

Screw the TV I love the view! Doofus kitten....

Gardenia said...

Love the photos - oh what a nice nice toy - I would wile my life away with only a remote and popcorn!

The cat is so smart - you've trained him to prepare his own dinner! :0

Nice little property there, congrats!

The Preacherman said...

I require your home address in order to move in and sit in front of your TV for eternity.

All I will require is regular beers. I promise to use your loo and not miss the pan. Fair enough? (er...you got a dvd? I have to watch Hill Street Blues at least once a week or I behave in a very strange manner. Just so you know)

Love the moggy by the way

Gardenia said...

Hey Punxi - how is it going? You been busy watching the TV? LOL!
Let us know how you are doing - and if the cat finished cleaning out the fridge. That is a job I have to do today!

The Preacherman said...

Oi! Stop watchin' the bloody tele and post some'at.

You see Doc Who tonight? Supurb!!!

Happy Easter babe x