As usual, we have gone on an overnight excursion and my wonderful camera is sitting home on my dresser. Now that it has decided to be sunny for more than 1 day in a row, we can get in some hiking and I will take my camera then ( i hope)
Now I have to go check out and program the gps so I can find Mr. P at the golf resort all the guys went to earlier, but more importantly, I have to shop for quinoa, it's hard to come by at a decent price at home......oh yeah, I won a hundred dollars on a slot machine and it was with the casinos money because you get 5 bucks free play when you get a card...so i gave em back 40 and kept the rest for today...shopping, not gambling.I used to love to gamble, but now i am old and cheap hehehehehe
exes and oooohs to you all.


Furtheron said...

so have you found Mr P and the other golfing buddies yet - or still hitting the gps? :-)

Gardenia said...

Old and cheap with you, I am. Sounds like you are having fun though - good! I have put my GPS away and can't find it - makes me sick, I need it! Duh.

Anonymous said...

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