_@#*($)*U%#)($*&*(W#E^!!!!! RAIN!

Wouldn't you know just when we get full possession of our rental house it has been raining and raining! How are we supposed to do things like cut the grass,paint the trim,weed the flower beds and build a cement step for the back door? It is even impeding a few things inside,like some of the painting. One of the bedrooms had windows that would not stay up, so we took them to a glass company to see what parts were missing, none actually are, it's just that they installed windows that should slide side to side as up and down windows DOHHHHH!!! So far I have gotten the bathroom and kitchen cleaned, now i am ready to paint the cupboard insides, mr. punxxi has all the doors off as he needs to trim them so that they actually shut all the way, he has replaced the pipes in the kitchen and the faucet, so things are going fairly fast, we had one tree removed from the front yard and the other 3 trimmed (A LOT) so that they are out of the utility wires.Tomorrow, the tree( and other stuff) guys are comming back to trim the h out of some plants on the side of the yard and remove trash and a metal shed and a burned out burn barrel, Wednesday an electrician is comming to replace the electric panel and ground the house, a carpenter will be over after that to put drywall in one of the rooms that had shite looking dark wood paneling in it, we took it all down Underneath it was all plywood but peeping out from the bottom of that was some really old wallpaper....there is also some linolium in the bottom of a storage closet, that has to be original to the house ( built in 1948) so I am going to clean it up( it's glued down) and leave it as a little memento of the era the house was built. Friday a guy is comming over to regrade the driveway, put in a drain so the garage stays dry and then tarps and gravels it. I have only taken one new picture and that was of the trees being trimmed. I will take pictures as progress is made and completed , mainly to keep as proof of how the house looks before we rent it out. Still, I wish it would stop raining so they can a least mow the lawn, it's about 9 inches tall already.
So, what are you all doing this week?