So this is summer????

Yanno, I wish I had studied computer stuff, I guess I still can, just have to figure out where to start, it would only be for me, I will teach me photoshop and a couple of other things..i can make a myspace page but i can't make my own blogger page...yet. but i am determined to do it. it is a lot of trial and error if you aren't computer savvy,but eventually one of two things happens, 1. you start to get it 2. you lose interest( that is more my style).
It is still raining here! the weather is crap and has been since last year, where is all the global warming ? hah! maybe if they called it global wetting i would agree with them. of course when things are based on faulty data, you get false results. Somebody tell algore that, wouldja?
happy fathers day to all you fathers out there. at least so far it isn't supposed to rain tomorrow, so we can barbeque ...well, actually we will do it if it rains or not.


Furtheron said...

I don't think you need computer skills for blogger that is one of it's problems I feel sometimes it tries to do too much for you.

Trial and error is I think the route most go... good luck

The Preacherman said...

lovely and hot here. I'd enjoy it more without man flu but after four days alcohol free - which shows I was really sick - I am now back on the Bud in between coughing and spluttering.

As for computers? I'm technologically inept and happy to be so

Gardenia said...

Kinda like your hot pink blog.