Is someone trying to tell me something???

I hate today, but i will be over that very soon. Today I gave my Jeep a nasty bump on the right front fender...it will need to be replaced :o( . Shortly after that mr punxxi called and said to meet him at the mall so i could pick up a chest his mother had put on hold. I get there and just finished calling to tell him i was there, in the store, his eta was about a minute. just then a man walked up to me and asked if i owned a white jeep i said yes and he says "I just backed into it" the left back fender is now totaled out. I am very grateful to him for being honest and comming and finding me in the store, his insurance has already given me a claim number and i can get his part fixed, and i will find out if i m using my insurance to fix my booboo or not.
I am not driving tomorrow!


Furtheron said...

probably best... :-)

keltikdragon said...

Oh hun Thats not good!
At least u werent hurt, Hope it gets sorted soon.
Blimy a male admitting he did something wrong going to faint lol