Happy Mothers Day

Here in the states it is mothers day today. My  youngest son and husband bought me an iphone, which I got last week, so far I'm lovin' it even though I don't know how to do much with it yet. I  will print out a users manual next week, then I will study it. A few years ago I had a Blackberry with online access  etc. But then times called for austerity so I told him I would give all the online stuff up with the stipulation that when I started getting Social Security that I was buying an iphone and would pay the extra 30 bucks a month for being online . He said that is fair, so that's how it was . Now I haven't gotten a SS check yet, and he bought the phone for me. I will pay for  the online stuff tho when I do.I don't care, I am a freak about tech stuff, whether or not I know much about it. That is why in a house with 3 people living in it there are 4 computers, I am the one that sets them all up, installs and removes things, and listens to Mr. Punxxi whine when things don't work the way he wants them to. It is very funny to me because I never had a computer until 1996. Never worked with them which he had done for several years. Everything I know( not too much) I learned by playing with my first computer. It was a fun hobby, AOL had just gone to unlimited access, so I would spend all night online, talking to a group of people that went to a political humor board...the board is long gone, but now we are all on facebook together, we have met in person several times( in Las Vegas, mostly) The people I meet online are my best friends. I am somewhat afflicted with social anxiety, so it is perfect for me, I feel more confident online, maybe because I can edit my mouth, can't do that in public, yanno.  Anyway as you have noticed by now, this posts isn't really about mothers. Maybe that is because mine never was much of one, but she has been dead for 9 years  or so. I wasn't much of a mother myself, but I did do what I thought was the best thing for my boys when I divorced their father...I gave him custody and he raised them. 20 years later we got remarried and it is sooo much better this time around. We have a lot of fun this time. I guess getting married at 18 and pregnant puts a lot of stress on you. Anyway, I wish all the great moms out there happy mothers day, even to my honey, cos he was a great mother to my kids!
Oh yeah, the reason that I stayed up all night yakking is because I worked 12 hour night shifts at the time and always stayed on my same schedual on my days off, much easier on the body not to try and go back and forth.