So long summer.

That means its time for boots again! Yay.It also means that I better clean my dusty bedroom now that the windows aren't open  24/7.  It has been raining all week, just the usual Oregon weather. Bah, as in humbug.


Furtheron said...

my daughter got some military boots as her reward for good exam results - I think you two would get on fashionwise :-)

Gardenia said...

Didn't know you were posting again - yay! I still miss (even with Facebook) Blogspot - !!!!! Having a group where more intimate posting is possible and everyone is so supportive. Oh, I love boots too - I have to have surgery on a foot in order to get my feet in anything but birkies without large pain.....when I get Medicare Pt. B - oh wow is that a confession to being old - maybe. Love your boots. :) Wanna come help me clean my dusty bedroom? What is it with dusty bedrooms - does that hit after 40 as well? Mine too.