What goes around comes around

Just when I got the new laptop all set up and  the old one packed and ready to mail off to Ms J, I was running an update on mr punxxis desktop and it crashed  and not a crash I can fix...well it has been behaving badly, I was going to run the BIOS update then check for virii and other crapola. It got to the part where it was going to  reboot, it just blacked out and wouldn't even POST. I spent the next several hours on the phone, first with the extended warranty people who have set up an inhome repair ( I hope) and then online with Dell, New Delhi division so that I could have a cd of the drivers sent to me since they don't ship them with new computers anymore .
The point is that how fun is a new,mega wonderful, amazing  and speedy laptop when you have to actually (gasp!) share it? All I can say is thank god we use carbonite to back all of  our files/pictures  etc . It made it so easy to transfer everything over here to the new kid . Don't worry, I share everything with mr.punxxi, even tho he lies and says oh i have to check my email or i have to do some banking, mostly he is playing hearts or slingo.  Me, I do important stuff, I read all of your blogs!