One dry day...we head north

Sunday was actually a very nice day, it was a little overcast and a bit foggy in the morning, but the sky was dry .We drove north to a little beach town called Yachats( yaa hotz) it is very small and the beaches are beautiful. However lately we have been talking about moving to Belize. Of course we would need to vacation there several times, in different areas and different seasons. Belize is a tiny country at the south eastern end of Mexico, next to Guatamala and north of Honduras. It was part of the British commonwealth and the official language is English, law is based on English law, so it wouldn't be such a huge transition as it would be moving to Costa Rica which was another place we thought of. Moving  there you fill out a form to move there as a retired person and you don't pay taxes , not even to import your things from the U.S. The rate of exchange is currently 2;1, so our money would go twice as far. It is also pretty close to the States, a couple of hours by air. I am having a great time researching this. If we move, I will demand a guest room so people can come and visit. We are pretty friendly, even if I am very shy, once I know you I get over it. I have had people from a chat room  come and stay with us before, and it worked out well. Just think, you could get free digs for vacation in a tropical paradise! I am not sure how far above the equator it is, I will put that in after I look it up.

looking at Yachats

driving back south

looking north to town


Furtheron said...

Nice photos. Never been to Belize but have a few mates who have - it was (may still be) a place where British army go for jungle training. I think we still have a big presence there training the local forces whilst our boys learn themselves. It has a lot of the colonial feel to it from what I know, the Queen is still the head of state with it a constitutional monarchy like the UK.

Gardenia said...

Oh Punxxi - my dream to live in the tropical place(s) - - I am not so much attached to the U.S. anymore. But who knows what the future will bring. Yes, I would come see you if you were so close. I love your pics of Yah - ? Sounds like you are having fun.....

Gardenia said...

Oh, so beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

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