my youngest kid is 36, he will be 37 on july 20th. he is mentally about 8-10 years old due to brain damage at birth. he lives with us presently, he doesn't work now, but has in the past. there is no work where we live now, but we are planning on moving back to california within the next 2 years...they have a lot of programs there, and also have many semi independant living facilities.this is a good thing. the bad thing is he is smoking pot,and while i don't have any objections to adults smoking or drinking i am really pissed that people don't think a thing in the world about making a buck off of him, i mean people that have known him all his life and are well aware of the situation, if i could prove that they are supplying him, i would rat them out in a hot second, they know his mental age, but he has also been diagnosed with a "slight " case of schizophrenia, which he takes medication for, however booze and pot kind of wipe out the effect of his meds. i am just ranting here, to myself basically.it helps. sometimes i really, really hate people.


Gardenia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry about your situation with your son - I had a son with problems who was constantly taken advantage of as well. It is a heart wrenching thing to go through, and the police would not do anything to the dealers, not even check it out. It was infuriating.

* (asterisk) said...

That sucks that people are giving your son dope, man. People are idiots.