Where is my spring? Will there even be a summer??

It has been raining all week,making us whine and whine and whine some more! It is not supposed to rain tomorrow so we can get outside and ( if it really doesn't rain, that is) hike by the beach. I could just do 4 or 5 miles on my treadmill, but unless I put a movie in my spare laptop, it gets boring FAST. But going out and hiking in nature has recently been proven to actually burn more calories. Dunno why but it does. I used to do at least 10 k a day, but since it has been raining forever I have been sluffing off. I am tired of my whiney self so I will try not to be whiney anymore


Di Bayley said...

If it's raining . . . Wii Fit. If it's sunny . . . Wii Fit. Heck, there's no reason to leave the lounge anymore! Call up Mr Delivery for any meal you fancy; chat to all your friends online; hook up the Wii Fit and have that personal trainer ask if you fall over a lot in real life!! Cool music here, Punx!

Red said...

I agree with you: indoor exercise is lethal without any sort of mental stimulation -- music, TV or otherwise. Yesterday I did 20 minutes or so on the stepper... with my trusted iPod. I once tried to read a book while on the exercise bike, but it made me woozy. I stick with music these days!