I think it is spring, just in time for summer!When we lived in California, June was known as June gloom, because it was always kind of crappy weather, but at least it was warm and dry.There are climatic reasons for this, which in the very back of my brain I do know, but it is much too boring to try and dredge out, suffice it to say, the land temp. is warming faster than the ocean...that's the crux of it.We embarked on a wonderous adventure( for my husband) of packing up and moving north from Huntington Beach, aka Surf City to the middle of nowhere, Oregon coast. My poor sweetie, can not adapt to the major climate change, you know, rain. What most people don't know , is that southren California is mostly desert. It is hard to tell since it is mostly concrete and golf courses.Anyway we made this trek north and it is far too rainy for him, so we have put our house on the market and since there is a crappy market, it may take at least a year to sell. Since we don't have to sell we can sit on our price as long as we want, but we know what our bottom line is. Poor mister Jim, he was a surfer/golfer/barbeque-er now he is not going in the ocean 'cos it's much too cold and has great whites in it, he doesn't get to barbeque too much because it is hard to do on the uncovered deck in the rain.He is also pretty much a fair weather golfer, but he has adapted to rainy and cold or he would never get out. It is so wet here that they make golf rain boots, pictures Wellies with spikes.Our next move will be out last ( I hope) we have decided to try the desert that is still desert in Ca. i.e. the Palm Springs area. I don't care where we go, I will adapt to it, because it
will make him happy and I like that idea,I told him fine we can move anywhere, we are not tied down to one place..he is sorry that he had set such strick criteria when we moved here, had to be on the coast and in the "banana belt" ( the warmer end of the state). All I ask for there is air conditioning and a pool.And a car that gets more than 12 mpg in town.I am looking at hybrids and smart cars...I don't care how small it is, because in Ca. I had sports cars, but I will be economical next time.(Maybe)


Further on up the road said...

I've not done any wandering... I live within a mile of where I was born. Tracing the family back it's similar all up my Dad's side everyone born in the local area.

I think if I had to move to a different county I'd struggle with the culture shock! ;-)