stolen from gardenia it is my total opposite!

You Are a Belly Button Piercing
You are a complete exhibitionist. You thrive on attention from strangers.
You're proud of your body, and you love to show it off!

You are outgoing and very friendly. You love a good party.
Gregarious and unreserved, you will start up a conversation with anyone about anything.

While you're a social butterfly, you still take time to take care of yourself.
You are at the top of your game, and it shows. Both your body and mind are in great shape!
What Piercing Are You?


Gardenia said...

Perhaps this is your "alter ego" and is bundled up inside you waiting to burst out? I got a tattoo of a raven on my leg for my 62nd birthday....ya never know!

jAMiE said...

I have tatoos on my big toes of long stem roses...i like them.