Just saying the name is fattening..

Today I am making dessert for Christmas dinner, it is a combination of 2 recipes, so I hope it turns out tasty. It is a caramelized bread pudding pumpkin cheesecake. I have made it before but with a regular cheesecake on top. I got this receipe from a friend of ours that is a chef. I will have to let him know how it comes out with the pumpkin cheesecake on top. It wazs really good with the regular cheese cake. I really love to bake and have been baking since a couple of days befor Thanksgiving. Not like steady, everyday, but more than I do all year since we live on diets 345 days a year. So far I made a gingerbread house with my son David, the birds loved it after we picked all the candies off. Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle cookies were next, those are for my husband he loves them (the Snickerdoodles, they are kinda dull if you ask me) . He says he isn't a big sugar eater, which is true the rest of the year. Then we made the killer cookies to put in a couple of baskets we made for friends, they are basically the recipe for Quaker Oatmeal cookies, but then you add pecans, butterscotch chips, mini Reeses's Pieces, and the secret ingredient is ********... ha you didn't think I was gonna tell you the secret ingridient did ya?
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


Don said...

And a merry Christmas to you as well! I don't suppose you could save me a slice of that fine-sounding cake, hunh? ;-)

Furtheron said...

Happy Christmas.

I think I'm having treacle pudding and custard - as I don't yet Christmas puddings.

Skunkfeathers said...

And a Merry Xmas to you too, Punxxi!

Gardenia said...

Yummmm, Punxxi!!!! Sounds so very very good. Although the cake sounds really rich - so how did it turn out? Snickerdoodles sound soooooooooooooog good!!!! You must have cooked 24/7?

Martha Elaine Belden said...

merry and happy and all to you and yours, punxxi!

that dessert of yours sounds pretty amazing.

jAMiE said...

Hope you had a very merry Christmas...i'm curious how your dessert turned out? It sounds so yummy!!!