Stormy Weather

I love the ocean when it is stormy weather...it is the only thing I will miss if we move away from here. This past weekend. waves were hitting 30+feet. It is actually hard to get a perspective from these pictures, but believe me, they were totally awesome! A couple of hours north of us they had a tornado, a category 1 to be sure as the winds weren't all that devastating, but they did do some damage.We frequently get winds here that gust up to 100 miles an hour, it is scary to watch the trees blowing around then, and wondering when one will come through the roof. Anyway, these are some storm pictures...sorry about the rain drops on the camera!


Gardenia said...

These are marvelous pictures - I would have really liked to have been there- bet it was an awesome experience! I didn't go down to the water - but after seeing some of the photos here I wished I had.

Four Dinners said...

My pond looked like that the other day in the high winds! Could have sworn I saw a frog surfing in the bottom pond!

Four Dinners said...

incidentally...change me linky thingy...promise never to move again!!!!