part 3

Ahhh, Christmas is over,now things can get back to their usual abnormality. Anyway  I was still living in the avocado grove, which was really a fab place to play, all the trees  were planted on tiers, it was a great forest of trees, about 3 acres worth and we were allowed to play in there to our hearts content. The garage backed up to the grove and we used to climb up and play on the roof, no one ever stopped us from playing anywhere. I don't think I would have let my 3 year old play on the roof, climb trees or wander around unsupervised, but times were different then. We used to see movies all the time and they influenced the games we played..yeah, people had to use their imaginations back then. Anyway this house had what you call a daylight basement in it, that means half was underground and the front was open to the yard, My grandpa had huge woodworking shop down there, and my grandma had a room she put all the food she canned  down there. She always had huge bags of old clothes that we used to costume ourselves in. Here is somethng I just thought of that happened in that house, and it illustrates what a hard headed kid I was. Gran had new wallpaper installed in her bedroom, I remember what it looked like to this day, it was darkish green with big pink flowers on it, very late 40's early 50's looking stuff . She had a dressing table in that room that she had make up on, lipstick, cream rouge, cold cream and  whatever other greasy stuff they used in 1951. I promptly decorated the new paper with it. My mother broke a wooden coat hanger over my butt. That pissed me off, so brainy me does it again for revenge, she breaks hanger number 2 over my arse.One more time, we both repeated our actions. I decided that wasn't the way to get revenge, so I climbed up in the bed with my favorite tool, a pair of scissors, and made cut outs of the sheets and blankets...that was a habit I had according to my mother. All I know is that I had 3 wooden coat hangers busted on me in one day.
I used to cut my hair off, if I ever  saw any scissors laying around, eventually they learned to put that stuff away. The first time I did that was before we moved out of the city and I was 2, I remember this stuff, I had long finger curls( which I hated)  So I was taking a nap ( ha! I rarely slept then or now)my gran had been embroidering something  but went outside to hang up the wash...DAA-DAH, I cut all my hair off, my mother took me to the barber shop and got me a boys haircut...I loved it, everyone thought I was my brothers twin, which to my 2 year old mind was a fabulous thing. Funny thing is everyone always thought my brother was such a beautiful baby girl, even in boys clothing and boy haircuts...damn, people are so dumb! Of course he was very pretty, I, on the other hand, honestly looked as if I were a Downs Syndrome kid. Last time I made that remark, people got very upset, but I have seen my baby pictures. 
Hey, I hope you all have a fabby New Year...I will have to wake up "grandpa" at midnight ,'cos he is such a day guy... but I will be awake and have a wee drinkie, my annual taste!


Gardenia said...

I don't think you were a hard headed kid - just very determined - you needed drastic measures for the drastic punishment that did not fit the "crime" - gosh, kiddo - I think these recollections would make a good book....you narrate well, your writing is excellent as you convey the moods....

Four Dinners said...

I've drunk mucho voddy and the red is getting blurred...

Gardenia is a good judge babe.

Well...apart from liking me anyroad...;-)

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