At a loss for words

I don't know why I am having such a hard time posting blogs lately, I used to be able to go on and on. Maybe there is just nothing to say or maybe I am depressed and don't know it...I really felt I was pretty much over that last month. Anyway it is killing me not being able to write, I surf blogdom everyday and see that others have this problem intermittenly so I should not worry about it. There is nothing to write about in my life, it's pretty dull. That's my own fault I suppose, because I don't make an effort to go out socializing too much. 18 days til Halloween; I know that I will have a lot of fun then...we were going to book rooms at the hotel where the party is but we only live about 3-4 miles from it so I will be the designated driver, as usual. It's a good thing I don't care if I drink or not, but last year I did because we booked a room at a place about 20 miles from here. People were stunned when I downed 4 Long Island Ice Teas and was not only upright, I was still sober. That is one reason I don't drink....I could go broke trying to get drunk!I did buy a bottle of absinthe a couple of weeks ago...haven't tried it yet, not sure how to use the little strainer looking doodad that came with it. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.


ldbug said...

Yikes, absenthe! I wouldn't know how to drink it either. Well, I'm sure Halloween will provide for some entertainment to write about.

I know what you mean, though, I just haven't been writing much either. comes and goes!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i've always kinda wanted to try absinthe. you'll have to let me know how it is :)

i've been in one of those writer funks, too. it sucks. here's hoping both of us find our ways out soon!

Gardenia said...

I sure would like to taste the abs.

Oh, I think we all go through dry spells blogging. Off and on. Then it breaks loose again.

Well, LOL, I'm the opposite of you - give me three margaritas and I'm fall down, stumbling drunk. Have to be careful.

Anyway, sounds like you are having fun, or will be soon enough!

Red said...

If you look at what I posted over the last month, you will see that it's nothing that required much writing ability on my part! I have been working 10/12-hour days since 14 September, so I have nothing to report. Even when my mum calls, I feel I have nothing to say to her. "I've been working... and eating. And working."

No life = no blog, in my case.

Oh, as for the absinthe, if it's anything like the one I gave Asterisk last Christmas, you need to put absinthe in the glass, a sugar cube on the strainer and slowly drip water until the sugar dissolves. Enjoy!

Red said...

Turns out I gave Asterisk the absinthe kit two years ago. Anyhoo, here's a link to th epost he did then.


Don said...

Found your blog through 15-Minute Lunch. Very cool, and it looks like we have similar tastes in music, as well! Even similar tastes (and resistance to) alcohol, before I quit drinking.

Don't sweat the "nothing to blog about" thing; it happens to most bloggers in cycles.

Good luck with the absinthe...

Don said...

Found another way to drink absinthe. Using water is the French way. The Czechs, though, like to drip just enough absinthe onto the sugar cube so when they hold a match to it, it ignites. Then they dump the still-lit contents of the spoon into the drink, creating absinthe flambe. Blow out (or not, if you feel bold) and drink.