Google meme

age next birthday:

too obscure???
I want to go here:
north to Alaskaaaaaaa
my favorite place, yes, really!:
yes, i have a life, it's just that it's online
my favorite food
all Italian, all the time( well maybe not ALL the time)
my favorite pet:
I love Bengal kitties!
my favorite color combination:
black, purple and pink, in that order
my favorite piece of clothing:
yes, i wear them 99.8% of the time
my favorite t.v. show:
this is the BEST show!!!
my s.o.'s first name is:
well, no it's not morrison
i live here:
just down the hill from us
yes i really did this, kill me now!!!:
no wonder i hate them now!
i coulda done this, i can't play bass, either:
look ma, i'm flyin'
this is my worst habit(maybe)
chocolate is really good for you, yanno?
this is my worst fear:
I'd like to do this before i die, maybe it will occur at the same time??:
i'll take a change of undies with me..


Red said...

Mind you, I said my favourite item of clothing was a black dress. And it is. But, like you, I wear denims 98% of the time myself.

So that's where you're from! I kept thinking Glasgow, Scotland, but from everything you wrote it was clear that you were from the USA. I thought perhaps you were an expat or something. Ah, it's all clear now...

cappy said...

your worst fear is being thom yorke? wow! obscure...lol.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

fantastic images!
i like this meme :)

cappy said...

i kinda had that figured! lol....
the good stuffs on it's way back, been a bit sawamped at the mo.

Gardenia said...

These are aways so great - I need to do it - have enjoyed everyone's so much - yay for jeans most of the time - love them - they never wear out and always look good! Bungie jumping? That would guarantee me a thrill while I was dying. Fun meme!

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