how could you not love this??????


Gardenia said...

The crochet? shirt - the black leather tight paints, the youth....oh my ..... scary makes me feel so old I think they look like 13 year old kids now....

Further on up the road said...

OMG! the memories - 1976/1977 when we were going to rid the world of rich men in suits and give us all a great life.... ahem! Oh well...

cappy said...

makes me feel old!

listen, is there 1 particular song you wish you could never have to hear again?
mail me, and i'll get rid of it live on my show, one last play, then it's cast into the firey pit of hell....just tell me what it is.
yopu and all your readers are welcome to join in!

barnsleysime@radio.fm just mark it "tune 101"


oh yes, this is the station link!