it's ba-aa-a-aakkkk

Well, the Verizon guy came and went and confirmed what I already knew, that my dsl modem was dead. I told mr.punxxi that was the reason we couldn't get online, but as usual he decided that I am only a blonde chick, and therefore could not be right( naw, he just wanted them to check it out 1st) So I called mr punxxi up and told him and that I was going to get a new one. Since he was nearby, he asked were I was going, so I told him Staples, he says,"I'll meet you there". As soon as I walk into the store he is standing there holding just the one I wanted, and for a very good price,too. He tells me that the store guy says this is what you want. I told him that as long as it was compatible with Verizon, it would be fine. I had just looked up this particular combo modem/wifi, it was
$155.00 @ the Netgear online store but 99.00 @ Staples  . This was the first time that he has ever taken the initiative to try to buy something "tech" and at least he paid for it which is a 1st too! But no, he didn't try to install it, but that was easy. Now my next project is to switch the printer over to wifi!