We are evicting our tenants, well actually we only want one of them to leave. The other says he wants to rent the house himself, and can afford the rent. The female that was there with the other two original tenants is a flake and has borrowed a lot of money from "new guy". According to him, she has had lots of family there ,loud parties, there are holes in the walls and she is a slob.  This is pretty much what I expect out of renters, but as long as the house is paying for itself, I don't care too much. It ultimately will be sold. Tomorrow we are going to look at a fantasy house up the hill from here. Fantasy because I know we will never buy it, unless I have won the lottery today ( I haven't looked yet). It looked pretty good looking in the windows, but tomorrow a realtor is going to let us in to look at it. It has views of the bay and the ocean it is on 3.19 acres and is a bit larger than this house. Since I have nothing to do anyway, I would have time to clean it. It is about 4600 sq ft, 4 car garage, nice deck, a kitchen to die for.I will take pictures of it tomorrow . It's fun to look even if it isn't feasible to even think we can swing a deal for it, but in this economy, who knows?


Furtheron said...

My wife has always wanted an Oast House... that is her fantasy. Again I don't think we'll ever get there.


Four Dinners said...

Appreciate what you've got babe!

When I was a lad there wer ten of us livin in't shoe box in't middle of't road and me dad would beat us wi a big stick every night and we were lucky!!!!

Anonymous said...

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- Lucas