Happy Paddy's Day, saint or not

Well, last week we went to look at a new house, and even tho it had been listed at a million and a half when it originally went on the market, the bank is now selling it for a mere $543,000.00, It sits on top of a hill and has an ocean view, it is about 4500 sq. ft. but you  know what?  I could have drawn a better layout with my eyes shut!  Oh, it had a couple of nice features, and the possibility of a large profit down the road, but it just wasn't worth it to us. We are seriously going to try to sell the present rental we own, and look for another, to rehab and flip. We still have our house on the market, for the 2nd year, but since we don't have to sell it, it doesn't matter . Next month we will start doing serious open house days, and if we sell it we will have to find somewhere to move(yay), but we will still have to stay here in the bay area, until his mother joins his dad. Because of the economy, we aren't sure if we really want to move back to California or not,they have raised the sales tax down there to almost 10%, which is ridiculous. Anyway, so far the plan is to move to town to a house that needs little maintainance on the outside.
Mr. Punxxi is so very tired of rain, but who wouldn't be when you have 30 to 40 days in a row? Rain doesn't bother me much because I rarely go outside , but he being a maniac golfer, wants to golf in the sunshine for some reason...dunno why, he isn't gonna rust or anything :o)


Furtheron said...

10% ha ha.... UK VAT currently 17.5% and expected to rise to at least 20% maybe more after the election

Gardenia said...

I wistfully watch TV shows about flipping houses - and in my long life I think if I had more courage "back then" I could have made some fortunes - however, cowardice always won in one way or another. :( I admire anyone that can do this! Well, they say these cycles run 10-15 years - let's see, started with Bush - eight years, one year into Obama - maybe in five years we'll pull out, unless this time is different and we'll never pull out. Just read 23,000 teachers laid off in California - scary

Anonymous said...

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