Day of Rest

Even tho we just put the rental in the paper we are on an overnighter, DaPunx can tell them to call back on Wednesday.Unfortunately, the spa is not open until Wednesday...no biggie I still have 90 minutes @ the spa at home. So where am I? I am currently sitting in my beautiful  hotel room at a casino while the guys play golf. You can see what I am doing,typing this! I am also burning DVD's, cos ya know I am a major multi-tasker! I have 2 more to  burn, then I will look for some more..I am happy that I have had Avatar since Feburary,  and I haven't even finished watching it yet. I guess it goes on sale in a few days, the 22nd, I think. I burned Sherlock Homes last night, I will see if I can find Alice In Wonderland after this. Kick Ass isn't available just yet, but I am sure it will be soon enough. If anyone has any movie suggestions, send them along. Well off to read all you lovely people that I read, almost everyday.