Well d/l movies online didn't last long as I was notified by Verizon that I was in violation of blah blah blah. Yeah well that is true, it is called stealing , so everything is deleted now and hopefully they won't have to give my info to the movie company, cos a 250000 fine is more than I can afford. I wonder how everyone else gets away with this stuff? I kept the movie that I paid for tho. Also, the rental house is rented, and to a stable type person at that, she is an Oncology nurse at the local hospital and all of her info is perfect. We checked her job and her previous rental and they were impeccable. Yay, no stress. Now if only we could sell our house( or find a handyman to take care of it cheaply). Everyone is sick here, the guys have a nasty cold, courtesy of the evil M-I-L) I must have an ear infection, because I get dizzy whenever I bend over or turn over in bed, things spin around. If it does't stop by Monday I guess I may actually go to the doc, maybe not. That is a  bad habit of most people that work or have worked in the medical field, you either become a hypochondriac or totally non compliant( that's where I am, I am the fool that treats myself) At least it gives me an excuse for being lazy for  a couple of days, falling over in public looks suspicious, yo know? The weather is still nasty and cold, rainy and overcast when it isn't raining, ah, spring in the Pacific Northwest, makes me miss the spring in the Pacific Southwest more everyday.


Four Dinners said...

I think this only happens in America.

Over here you get a mail saying 'Have you yadda yadda yadda' and you reply 'Fuck off and mind your own business' and they do.


Mind you, they may know I've a very big collection of bayonets...;-)

Furtheron said...

The dizzy thing - that was how I was permanently last year with my attacks. Horrible

Gardenia said...

Oh Punxxi - I fall down all the time, don't know if its the dizzy or lack of communication of the brain to the feets - one friend suggests i look where I walk - novel concept. I have the tops of my ankles skinned up from falling on them.

Dizzy - oh, the doctors don't care. Here's a toast to medically non-compliant, and self-medication!

The trick is to look cute when you fall down and look up helplessly, and say "Ahhh jest don' knooowww what could have happened, ahhh think my laig gave out!" And next time extend your hand and say, ahhh feeeel so unsteady, thank you, deah for your haelp. If I can pull this off at 6'2" you can surely slide by easily!

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