One more day

I should be through cleaning the rental house by tomorrow. I am very happy to have that out of the way. If the real estate market were better we would sell it and buy another one to flip, but it isn't, so we won't yet. I think that  the last renter used it for a meth house, but I don't know for sure. I do know she was raising marijuana, because you can legally do that here if you have a medical marijuana card, which she did. You are only allowed to grow 6 plants, but according to one room mate she had the entire garage full of plants...This is a weird state, you can carry a concealed weapon and grow dope. I have a permit to carry a gun, but don't. I don't grow pot either, but know a lot of people that I can get it from, if I want. The law says you can grow and use it for medical purposes, but that if you work somewhere that has a no drug policy, even if you have a card you can be fired if you fail a u.a.. I will be glad when the place is rented out and I can go get a massage;I got  a certificate for one for my birthday but haven't been able to schedual it yet.